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Monday, November 21, 2016

Five Must Buys 11/21/16

What up brochachos. Happy Thanksgiving week.  Even though it is a holiday week there is a ton of great stuff out this week.  DC is still crushing it with Rebirth, which let's be real is still a shocker.  It is hard to keep up this much quality with this many books.  I have dropped maybe a handful. This week there are a ton of books and it was incredibly hard to narrow it down just to 5. This is one of those weeks were you end up blowing twice as much as you wanted to. So let's get to it.

W: Dan Jurgens A: Bernard Chang
Batman Beyond #2 - 'THE RETURN' part two! Terry is tested in a way he hasn't been since he returned as Batman. In Jokerztown to rescue Dana, he's not up against one foe but an entire community of clown-worshipping crazies, all led by the deadly Terminal. Is it possible his crime-fighting career - and his life - will both end just as he's starting over?

Although this may not be the premier Bat title coming out this week, most people agree that Detective Comics is the best Bat book out right now, although I think it is All-Star Batman, this is still a great read that is a must read for any Batman Beyond fan.  Terry is back and it looks like the Joker might be back as well. This story has a ton of potential  that should interest any Bat fan.

W: Joshua Williamson A: Jason Shawn Alexander 
Frostbite #3 - The high-action futuristic Western from the writer of THE FLASH and the creator of Empty Zone kicks into high gear! Keaton has managed to get Vic out of Los Angeles, but the trouble is only just starting. The mysterious Boss Burns knows the precious cargo that Vic is carrying, and he wants it for himself. He's put a price on the women's heads, and now all of the nastiest gangs of the frozen American wasteland are barreling down on them, guns drawn and ready to claim the prize.

I know, I know, another post apocalyptic tale about a society that is messed up fighting for survival. It has been done to death, but it doesn't make this story any less interesting or good.  This is a great series that mashes up elements from The Book Of Eli, The Maze Runner and The Walking Dead. It is one that should at least get a chance.

 W: Dan Abnett A: Brett Booth
Titans #5 - 'The Return of Wally West' part five! Wally West will do anything to save his friends, even at the cost of his own life! The full extent of Abra Kadabra's greatest trick is finally revealed!

This series has been one of my favorite out of the Rebirth. It reintroduces the Wally West that have been most people's flashes growing up and gives him a mystery to solve and a team to work with. Don't get me wrong we all love Barry Allen and the Flash book is a must read for any Flash fans, but this book seems to have the most potential to explain the Rebirth elements and The Watchmen elements.   

W: Robert Kirkman A: Paul Azaceta
Outcast #23 - 'THE DARKEST BEFORE' What was once trapped in shadow is out in the open, and it is about to overwhelm Kyle Barnes.

I power watched the show again this weekend.  The comic makes the show so much better.  You know details that they don't explain and overall just a great show. With the long weekend coming up I am going to read this series again completely. It is so dark and twisted that I can't get enough. If you are into the Horror genre this is the premiere book that you should be reading.

 W: Jason Aaron A: Jorge Molina
Star Wars #25 - Rebel crew vs. SCAR Troopers for the fate of the Harbinger! PLUS: An all-new Artoo-Deetoo adventure!

What can I say about this. It is Star Wars, although I thought that Darth Vadar was the better series, the Star Wars book is no slouch. Although that might be that nothing is cooler than Darth Vadar going around the universe kicking @$$.  Jason Aaron captures the voice of the original trilogy so well that it seems like it was all written by the same person. This book is light and fun and should be read by any and EVERY Star Wars fan out there.

Honorable Mentions - Jim Thompsons Killer Inside Me #3, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #64, Black Monday Murders #4, Chew #60, Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1, Death Of X #4, Deathstroke #7, Detective Comics #945, Flash #11, Teen Titans #2, Dept H #8.

Think I missed anything or am overrating something? Let me know in the comments.

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