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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Covers Of The Week 11/23/16

Happy New Comic book day.  Another Wednesday and another batch of great covers.  Even though it is a holiday week, there is a lot of good stuff out this week. I have had a Civil War II cover on this list since I have started until today.  They were all pretty home hum. I did really like the homage cover on Deathstroke.

Cover of the Week

TMNT #64 Subscription Variant By Kevin Eastman
Love the shadow that forms the Shredder


Bloodshot USA #2 Cover D By Darick Robertson
Batgirl #5 By Rafael Albuerque

Death Of X #4 Connecting Cover

Deathstroke #7 By Shane Davis

Flash #11 By Carmine Di Giandomenico

Hellblazer #4 By John Yasmine Putri
Swampthing dressed as Constantine - Freaking awesome
Venom #1 Variant By Ron Lim
All the Venom covers are great.

Think I am crazy or missed something? Let me know in the comments. Happy Turkey Day to everyone.

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