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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Covers of the Week 11/9/16

Happy Wednesday in the Bizarro World. Here we talk about the best covers of the week.  Before I get started I want to talk about Triggerman #2 coming out this week and how I missed it on this weeks books of the week. This book had such a great start and is definitely something that you should pick up. Now, on to covers.  I am loving the new homage covers that Marvel is doing. So here we are, the covers of the week.

Allstar Batman #4 By John Romita Jr.

Avengers #1.1 By. Alan Davis

Avengers #1.1 By Alex Maleev

Brigands #1 By Mukesh Singh

Flash #10 Variant By Dave Johnson

Clone Conspiracy #2 By Gabriele Del Otto

Triggerman #2 By Steve Scott

Violent Love By Victor Santos
Think I missed any. Let me know.

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