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Monday, November 14, 2016

Five Must Buys 11/14/16

What up brochachos. This week there are too many good books coming out.  I had to cut Moonshine, which I loved and Batman, which features one of my all time favorite villains in Bane. I also had to cut the Green Lanterns book which I have enjoyed, especially this new story line of a ring that can be worn by anyone. DC has been killing it with Rebirth, but they didn't make it into the top five this week. Over at Marvel none of the Spider-Man stuff made it either. It is a brutal week on wallets, but this is the week of independents. So here we go.

W: Ed Brubaker W: Sean Phillips
Kill or Be Killed #4 - The shocking end to the first arc, as Dylan's secret collides with his home life. BRUBAKER & PHILLIPS's new series keeps the hits coming, and remember, each issue includes fantastic back page extras and articles.

This book has been my favorite book that I have read all year.  This story is so dark and twisted yet fascinating in a way that you can't stop reading and you can't wait to see what happens. Initially I thought that the twist was going to be that the guy is just crazy and there is no supernatural element to it, but I no longer think that. This is a must read for anyone.

W: Brian Wood A: Mack Chater
Briggs Land #4 - Caleb Briggs, Grace's eldest son and a member of the white power movement, attempts to intimidate a local business owner into selling. When that fails, he calls in the troops. Meanwhile, Grace continues to work to isolate her husband from the family business and the big fracking concern interested in Briggs Land.

This book reminds me a little bit of Sheltered, which I really enjoyed.  An interesting dynamic is formed here between how Briggs Land was run and how Grace would like to run it now. She has shown herself to be a capable leader, but does have her own sense of justice and that is not as harsh as it was, which may lead to her downfall or at least lead to problems down the road. With her sons behind her she should be able to keep the Briggs Land train chugging along, but lets she what old man in charge has to say about that.

W: Joelle Jones A: Joelle Jones
Lady Killer 2 #3 - Life in Florida gets a little twisted for Josie when she learns about the dark past of her mother-in-law and the connection to her new partner.

This is another fantastic book, whereas this one is dark it is splashed with a slight humor as well. Set in the 60's where this housewife is secretly one of the best hired killers money can buy. This book shows perfectly the problems of trying to balance a home life with a secret life. If you like James Bond or Mad Men this is a book that you need to catch up on.

W: Mark Millar A: Greg Capullo
Reborn #2 - MILLAR and CAPULLO's epic sci-fi fantasy story continues. After her death, Bonnie is reborn in Adystria and has a sword thrust into her hand. As the evils within the Dark Lands get stronger, she is Adystria's only hope: their savior.

The first issue was amazing with a ton of world building and endless possibilities.  Capullo is great and I could have swore I saw Bruce Wayne's twin in the first issue. Millar with Capullo is a great combo that I never knew I wanted. 

W: Jeff Lemire A: Andrea Sorrentino
Old Man Logan #13 - THE FINAL CHAPTER OF 'THE LAST RONIN' Confronted by his past and the horrors that he has faced, can LOGAN ever hope to be truly free of the WASTELANDS? Will MAUREEN forgive him if she learns the truth of who Logan used to be? Will the Silent Order succeed in their goals? Find out in 'The Last Ronin' Part Five: The Wolverine.

This has been my favorite book at Marvel since it has been launched.  I love the dark violent nature of this Wolverine and how it expands on the past of the original Old Man Logan story or I guess it could be considered the future, but you know what I mean.

Hit me up in the comments if you disagree or I missed one of your favorite books.

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